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Looking for pre-IPO shares like SpaceX, Discord, Databricks, Klarna and more? Instead, invest in the fund that invests in 8-20 top pre-IPO companies.

Invest in the fund named: "2021 Best Pre-IPO VC Fund Manager - USA"

Access top pre-IPO opportunities by investing in the CrossWork.us Midas fund.

Investors include current and former employees of Facebook, LinkedIn, Robinhood, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other successful executives.

117%, on average, was returned over 2 years to pre-IPO investors in companies that went public in 2020, provided they had a valuation of $1 billion+ according to Crunchbase. CrossWork's Midas Fund targets investments in these hard-to-access companies.

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Unique Benefits For Pre-IPO Investors

If you are considering investing in pre-IPO stocks or funds we are the best option for a number of reasons.

We provide you with complementary stock in emerging portfolio companies that we access through strategic transactions. Enhances your returns at no cost to you

Our team has contacts and relationships at thousands of venture capital funds providing us with access to the best opportunities. We focus on investing AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

In 2021 the Yale University Endowment generated 40%+ returns in one year. The fund allocates over 40% of its assets to pre-IPO venture capital and private equity. Discuss this strategy with your financial advsier as you review your asset allocation.

Track Superior Investment Performance In Your Online Pre-IPO Account

Want to grow your returns while minimizing taxes?

See our IRA investment option at: ira.crosswork.us

CrossWork Midas Fund Overview

Own a basket of up to 20 pre-IPO companies plus a complementary portfolio of equity in up to 10 emerging portfolio companies.

How To Invest

Easily schedule an online bank transfer, ACH or wire to securely  complete your investment. You receive an online account and login where you can review your complimentary and actual investments.

What Happens After An Investment

You become a proportional owner in the fund and you receive proportional payments as distributions are made by the fund and as investments are realized.